Harry Taussig

Things I'm doing right now

Running Haverford Effective Altruism

Tried to join the gorup but it didn't exist. Getting it restarted.

Reading a bunch and taking notes like a nerd

I'm using Obsidian to incrementally work out ideas in an Evergreen notes framework. Would reccomend if you don't like the fact that you're going to forget most of what you read. Here are some of the results so far.

Writing on this website

When I get interested in the ideas I'm writing in my evergreen notes, sometimes I put them together and write something bigger. Trying to learn how to better communicate my ideas since it seems universally useful and also helpful to force yourself to think more clearly. Helps me figure out what I actually believe.

Taking a semester off from Haverford College

Get those online classes outta here. We don't need that.

Working on this website

Wanted to code some stuff and making it has been fun. Currently using Gatsby

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