To learn more about working with me, start with this testimonial that distills my approach from the client perspective.

(Donald makes documentaries in his free time if you couldn't tell)


$150 per session. Sessions are 60 minutes, but we'll go up to 75 minutes if something's alive and unfinished.

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I encourage clients to message me on WhatsApp whenever they want for questions, accountability, reflection, or resources.

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I work best with...

- Entrepreneurs, Tech Workers, and EAs who are trying to reach higher toward their potential.

- Overly-analytical guys who had an easy time in school and are having a hard time in real life.

- “Nice guys” who are stuck in their heads and afraid to say what they think but want to move toward deeper authenticity where they can both stand up for themselves and be more loving.

- Smart guys who know how to effort to get outcomes they want on the surface, but want to learn to let go of control so that their life can feel more fulfilling and effortless (while still following their ambitions).

More Testimonials

"To work with Harry is to invite a deeply knowledgeable, compassionate, and honest guide to travel with you into the depths of your own mind, heart, and soul. In every session, I felt comfortable being my full vulnerable self, and I walked away in awe at how much wisdom was already inside of me. Importantly, Harry has helped me help myself by gifting me the tools and confidence to tap into self-understanding in any instant that I need."

- E.H.

"Harry is a skilled guide. I felt comfortable and listened-to in my sessions, even when intense emotions came up, and this helped me explore some deeply buried parts of myself. With Harry's guidance, I've gained a better understanding of who I am, and I've made peace with some things that have weighed me down for years."

Will Aldred | AI Forecasting Research Analyst @ Metaculus

"Harry is just a lovely person to talk to me and created a space where I felt very relaxed, safe, and able to introspect. I was able to achieve novel insights about my emotions and values."

Robert Harling | Managing Director @ Meridian, Former Community Builder @ EA Cambridge

“If you’re a man with ambition but you feel that your results are not at the same level as your talent, you should probably see if Harry can help you.”

Mony Chhim | Marketing Agency Owner

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