Harry Taussig

A really cute picture of Harry with some nice glistening water in the background, just imagine the sound of rushing water pass by as his teeth shine

Me In 10 Seconds

I recently graduated in Computer Science from Haverford College. I want to help build communities of people that strive to improve themselves and the world at the same time. The Effective Altruism community is the closest thing I've found so far, so I'm currently focused on running and improving EA events and retreats. I'm also inspired by the microsolidarity community and similar work. Trying my best to learn, to connect, and to help others.

Me in 10 minutes

What I'm doing right now, my work in creative coding and a 3D version of classic Snake that I made in Processing.

Contact Me

Email me at htaussig ~at~ gmail ~dot~ com, or set up a meeting!